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About Us

We turn your ideas into solid strategies and tangible results

Cleverix is a small team of talented designers, product and marketing experts with extensive experience in delivering successful marketing strategies using innovative approach, techniques and methods that prove to be the most effective and drive the most impact!
We are creative marketing services professionals, strategists and advertising consultants, who combine talent, experience with hard work to translate your vision from ideas into viable solutions and tangible results! All our team members are super passionate about tackling business challenges and creating effective marketing strategies to grow our clients' businesses.

Our Process

We inspire and breathe life into brilliant ideas

Over time we've elaborated reliable process that has been fine-tuned during the past 5 years of the company's existence:
First and foremost we get familiar with your product and build your target customer’s profile. We aim to learn your market inside and out to make sure we are firmly rooted in the reality of your company's history, products and industry. We prepare a creative brief or report that distils and synthesizes all the things that make you, in order to then shape the marketing strategy and a message that will be engaging and inspiring.

Service packages tailored specifically to your needs

Design Package

Our design experts and digital visionaries approach each project with a fresh eye to help with the product design and development of the company’s signature, logo, website or landing page. We can also design eye-catching ads and create interactive banner ad campaigns to get your business that much-desired attention.

Technology Package

We partner with the best engineering teams, developers, technologists, and innovation-addicted tech professionals to assist our clients with any software development needs, issues or technical challenges.

Marketing Package

We are committed to drive stronger digital marketing outcomes by using cutting-edge tools and strategies and in depth analysis of consumer personality to help our clients reach their target audience. We always tend to use innovation, creativity and the most up-to-date technology to generate a desired response.

Track - Optimize and Analyze Package

We help online businesses and online store owners to deliver instant traffic. Analyzing information architecture and human-computer interaction, we create wireframes with a focus on conversion optimization and prototypes that show the user experience process & user flow. Conducting PPC audits we review your PPC portfolio's structure and come up with the right strategy in order to boost conversions.

Why Cleverix

We brought together best-of-breed marketers, visual communicators, strategists with a wealth of experience:
Using powerful technologies and marketing tools we help you position your brand and set your roadmap for profitability and growth. We understand that startups typically face the challenges of tight budgets, hence we are open to investing our effort to discuss and elaborate affordable plan that will help you increase sales and return the biggest bang for your buck.

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